Help Khalistanis financially, supply them arms and incite them against India ! : ISI

‘ISI’ issues a fatwa to Pakistani embassies worldwide to mobilize Khalistanis against India

Islamabad – Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI is making regular efforts to spread instability and separatism in India. The ISI is planning a campaign to destabilise the State of Punjab. To achieve this they initiated several meetings in Lahore with Khalistani terrorists. Instructions were also given to Pakistani embassies all around the world to ‘provide financial support’, ‘supply arms’ and ‘incite Khalistanis & Jihadi terrorists to act against India in their respective countries. To achieve this purpose the ISI has prepared a well-thought-out plan called the ‘Khalistani Manifesto’.

Fake Twitter accounts created by ‘Sikh for Justice’ !

A Khalistani terrorist organisation ‘Sikhs for Justice’ has created 1,450 fake Twitter accounts to promote the ‘Khalistan Referendum’ formula. As many as 29,032 tweets were made in support of the Khalistan referendum in the past month itself. These tweets were retweeted by 7,826 people. Tweets were sent out from these accounts using ‘hashtags’ such as opposition to hijab ban, Pakistan Army, Kashmir etc. Most of these accounts were from Pakistan. These tweets are also receiving support from Khalistanis based in Pakistan, Canada, Germany, US and UK.

Editorial viewpoint

Since Jihadi Pakistan is trying to incite anti-Indian forces, it is now imperative for India to plan a strategy to eliminate it !

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