Central Govt requests time to consider declaring Hindus as a minority !

The Supreme Court is looking into the case of declaring Hindus as minorities, in 6 States and 3 Union Territories of India.

New Delhi – There are several States and Union Territories of India, where Hindus have become a minority. However, the Central Government has sought more time from the Supreme Court to consider granting them minority status. The Central Government has said that this issue is sensitive and will have far-reaching consequences. Based on the petitions of Advocate (Mr) Ashwini Upadhyay and several other petitioners, the Government filed the fourth affidavit in the Court on 31st October. The Government has said that 14 States and 3 Union Territories have been consulted on the matter and reminders have been sent to other States in this regard. After the hearing, the Court has given a time of 6 months to the Government to resolve this matter.

1. But on the other hand, the petitioners say that the consideration under the ‘National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992’ cannot grant minority status to any person in any State.

2. Earlier the Supreme Court had stated that the decision of giving the religious or linguistic castes a minority status should be done at the State level and not at the District level. In a notification circulated in 1993, the Central Government declared Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis as minorities at the national level. However, the petition is asking for this to be determined at the District level.

Areas where Hindus are in minority !

The petitioners said that Ladakh has 1% Hindus, Mizoram 2.75%, Lakshadweep 2.77%, Kashmir 4%, Nagaland 8.74%, Meghalaya 11.52%, Arunachal Pradesh 29%, Punjab 38.49% and Manipur  41.29%.

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