Portrayal of Sudama as a drunkard offering alcohol to Shrikrushna

  • Students of Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi mocked Sudama and Bhagwan Shrikrushna in a programme
  • Apology by the organisers of the programme

New Delhi – A video has gone viral of students of Maulana Azad Medical College on social media in which they mocked Sudama and Bhagwan Krushna by portraying Sudama as a drunkard.  In the 44-second video shared by Author Anshul Pandey, the ‘Are Dwarpalon Kanhaiya Ko Kehdo’ song is playing in the background. This video is of the programme of the College held on 9th October 2022. As soon as they realised that the video is being opposed the artists have apologised.

1. One of the girls performing on the stage portrayed herself in Krushna’s form. A male actor comes from the right of the screen portraying Sudama in a drunkard state. He is portrayed as drinking alcohol directly from the bottle. Then, the actor goes to Shrikrushna and gives him the bottle to drink alcohol from it. Viewers are shown excited and cheering.

2.  The Residential Doctors Association at the medical college had organised the programme. The press release said that when the seniors noticed that the act could hurt the religious sentiments of Hindu community, they called the members of Mahaul Makers, the group that performed the satirical act, and asked them to give a written apology. The students involved in the act will not be allowed to perform in the future, and the group Mahaul Makers has been forbidden to perform in the college function henceforth.

Editorial perspectives

  • Hindus should not be contented with such apology instead they need to generate such power that no one will dare to denigrate Hindu Deities anymore.
  • If anyone happens to insult Islam then Muslims straightaway threaten to behead and act accordingly. Hence, no one dares to do anything; but Hindus do not even come forward to protest in legitimate manner.