Demonstrations by Jihadi Organisations outside a school in Kozhikode (Kerala)

An issue of a student not given permission to wear hijab

Kozhikode (Kerala) – Jihadi organisations demonstrated outside Providence Girls Secondary High Schools in Kozhikode for not giving permission to a student studying in the 11th standard for wearing the hijab. When the school administration refused to change its stance, even after the girl’s parents mediated; the girl had to leave the school. Sources said that there were clashes between the demonstrators and the Police in the school compound. The school administrators told the girl that she should follow the school’s rules about the school uniform and that permission for wearing the hijab will not be given.

The jihadi student organisations contended that as the school got a grant from the Government it should give permission for wearing hijab in school. The Muslim students contended that their fundamental rights to religion and education were violated. The Hindu organisations too demonstrated in retaliation to this view.

Editorial viewpoint

Why are the liberals, seculars, and Congressmen who advise the Hindus that they should keep their religion within the four walls of their homes, not giving the same advice to the Muslims? Why are they silent in this case ?