Kashmir issue does not need third-party intervention, India reiterates

Arindam Bagchi, Spokesperson, External Affairs Ministry

New Delhi – ‘Kashmir issue does not need third-party intervention. It is more necessary to take action against the terrorists in Pakistan who are carrying out terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir’, India hit back at remarks made by foreign ministers of Pakistan and Germany. Pakistan and Germany had made a statement in a joint press conference that the United Nations should take the initiative to resolve the Kashmir issue. India has objected to it.

India has maintained that Kashmir is a bilateral issue with Pakistan, and there is no role for any third party. ‘All serious and conscientious members of the global community have a role and responsibility to call out international terrorism, especially of a cross-border nature’, external affairs ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said.

In his opening remarks, Bhutto Zardari said that grave human rights violations are being committed in Jammu and Kashmir and this poses a risk to regional peace and stability. He said peace in South Asia won’t be possible without the peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions, in accordance with international law. (Bhutto must not forget that Pakistan, the creator of Jihadi terrorism, must be destroyed to establish real peace and India will do it in the future ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

Will the Indian rulers realise that it is not enough to verbally rebuke Jihadi Pakistan, it is necessary to teach it a permanent lesson ?