Who has given anyone the right to hurt our religious sentiments ?

Asks Arun Govil, who had enacted the role of Shriram, in the serial ‘Ramayan’ !

(Left side) Arun Govil

New Delhi – A lot of discussions and controversy have already started after the release of the teaser of the film ‘Adipurush’. A negative scenario has emerged about the film. ‘Ramayan’ and ‘Mahabharat’ are our holy scriptures and our cultural and religious legacies. They are the foundation of humanity. They cannot be changed, and it is not right to tamper with them, stated actor Arun Govil, who had performed the role of Bhagawan Shriram, in Ramanand Sagar’s serial ‘Ramayan’.

He also warned that a trend has been started these days to make a mockery of Sanatan Dharma. Who has given these people the right to hurt our religious sentiments by tampering with our scriptures ? Artists and directors should not thus ridicule our traditions in the name of freedom of producing films.

(Credit : TIMES NOW Navbharat) 

Arun Govil said further that,

1. We get to learn ‘sanskars’ from our holy scriptures, a base to live life. This legacy teaches us the art of living. Our culture is the oldest culture in the world. By such tampering, however, religious sentiments are hurt.

2. Our religious faiths have been strengthened when Coronavirus pandemic hit us about two and a half years ago. The ‘Ramayan’ serial was once again telecast during this period. At that time, too, it created a world record. Today’s young generation watched the serial made 35 years ago, with total faith.

3. This tradition should not be changed in any case. I will also try to show in the future, what is the truth, what is eternal.

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