Rumors of kidnapping prompt the brutal beating of three Sadhus !

Durg (Chhattisgarh)  –  A shocking video where three sadhus being beaten has recently come to light. It is said that after a rumour of kidnapping made rounds on social media, a mob started gathering and immediately beat up the three sadhus. A complaint has been registered regarding this incident. Superintendent of Police, Abhishek Pallav said that strict action will be taken against the accused. According to the information provided by Pallav, the incident took place in the Bhilai-3 Police station limits in Durg.

1. Due to some reason, the three sadhus lost their way and reached the settlement of Bhilai-3.

2. Suddenly they were stopped by the locals and questioned. But even before the sadhus could answer, the people started beating all three sadhus badly.

3. The Superintendent of Police appealed to the people to not believe in rumours, and that they should not take the law into their own hands.

Editorial viewpoint

As of late an increasing number of incidents where Hindu sadhus are being attacked is coming to light ! It is now imperative to carry out an investigation to see if there is any conspiracy behind this !