Gujarat Govt demolished 50 illegal tombs and dargahs in Dwarka in 4 days

Dwarka (Gujarat) – Dwarka is known as Shrikrushna’s city all over the world, but illegal tombs and dargahs have spread all over the city. (Was the Government sleeping till so many illegal constructions were undergoing ? Stringent action should be taken against the officers ignoring such illegal constructions. – Editor) Intending to remove these illegal constructions the Government demolished 50 such tombs and dargahs in 4 days under ‘Operation clean’ scheme. As a result 1 lakh sq ft of Government land has been set encroachment-free. The Government took this initiative due to complaints received from local Hindu residents in that area against the illegal construction. More than 1000 security guards were deployed on Bet Dwarka to avoid any untoward instances.

Hindus in Bet Dwarka are anxious

The population in the area is around 10,000 with Muslims in the majority. The Hindu population is just 1,500. Hence, Hindus could not dare to raise their voice against these illegal constructions; but now the Hindu families are scared of any untoward incident because of this Government-action. (Actually, the Muslims should have been scared by this action of the Government; but innocent Hindus have to fear Muslims’ violent behaviour. Is Dwarka in India or Pakistan ? – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

It is not enough to demolish the constructions alone, a hefty fine should be imposed for encroaching upon the Government’s land for so many years.

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