Two Muslims wearing saffron robe of Sadhus arrested in Balod (Chhattisgarh) for trying to kidnap children

Balod (Chhattisgarh) – 2 Muslims wearing saffron clothes have been arrested by the police here in Gurur village. Musafir Jogi and Yad Ali are their names. Their suspicious behaviour made the local people want an enquiry about them. When the Police were told they came and took them to the Police-station for questioning. During the enquiry, they said that they were Hindus. When the police asked them to recite the Gayatri and the Mahamrutunjay Mantra, they were unable to do so. Thereafter they accepted that they were Muslims. and confessed that they were roaming here and there so that they could kidnap children. They also said they dressed in the sadhu’s garb so that no one would be suspicious of them. They both are residents of Navada village in Pratapgarh District of Uttar Pradesh.

Editorial viewpoint

Please note that those having an allergy to the Saffron colour, do not mind using the saffron colour for committing illegal acts.