Atrocities on the Sikhs by the Talibanis in Afghanistan !

55 Afghani Sikhs to return back in India

New Delhi – 55 Afghan Sikhs were brought to India through a special flight as a part of efforts to evacuate the distressed minorities in the Taliban-led nation. These Sikhs told about their atrocities after coming to India.

1. Afghan Sikh Baljiy Singh said that the situation in Afghanistan is the worst. He was locked in a jail for 4 months. The Talibanis betrayed us and cut our hair in the jail and now he is happy to return to his land and religion. He is thankful to the Government of India for giving them an urgent e-visa and helped us return back to India.

(Credit : ANI News)

2. Another Afghan Sikh Sukhbir Singh Khalsa said that the family of many of them is still in Afghanistan. About 30 to 35 people are still stranded in Afghanistan.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • In the Islamic countries, the minorities often become victims of atrocities by the majority whereas in a Hindu majority country like India, Hindus are facing atrocities by the minorities !
  • Why don’t the Khalistanists speak about the situation of Sikhs in Pakistan and Afghanistan ?

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