Objection to the practice of removing shirts and vests before darshan at the Mangaluru temple

A complaint has been filed with the Religious Endowment Department against Kukke Subrahmanya in the Dakshina Kannada District and Kollur Temples in Udupi

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – Some temples in Karnataka require men to remove their shirts and vests before entering the temple. Kukke Subrahmanya in Dakshina Kannada District and Kolluru Temples in Udupi follow this tradition. National Environment Care Federation (NECF) in Mangaluru filed a written complaint with the Religious Endowment Department against this.

In this complaint, it is alleged that the practice of removing a shirt and vest to visit God is improper (It is up to the religious authorities of the Hindus to decide whether the system is right or wrong – Editor). Among Hindus, such a tradition does not exist. There is confusion among devotees as a result of this practice. People with dermatosis (skin disease) may be infected by the removal of the clothes (Does the organisation have any information about how many people have been infected by this practice ? Hindus know that such excuses are being deliberately given to destroy the practice of Hindus – Editor). Such practice is a clear violation of the fundamental rights of the Indian Constitution. There should be a dissolution of the temple authority that has imposed the taking off clothes in temples. In the event the Religious Endowment Department does not heed, a further legal battle will be considered.

This issue will be discussed at the next meeting : State Religious Council

Kashekodi Suryanarayana Bhat, a member of the State Religious Council, said the complaint had been received from the National Environment Care Federation. It will be discussed at the next State Religious Council meeting. This practice has been around for a long time. By giving different reasons, we can destroy all the practices of religion. Some practices are mentioned in the scriptures. It is as per temple rules that one should not wear certain clothes in temple.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Do those, who are ever ready to object to Hindu customs and traditions, ever object to the objectionable traditions of other sects ?
  • Hindus adhere to these customs with devotion. Hindus should respond legitimately to those who oppose their religious practices.