Modi has no property abroad : Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan

Pakistani leaders have wealth worth billions abroad

(Left side) Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan and Indian PM Narendra Modi

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan once again praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During a speech, he said  Narendra Modi has no property outside the country, but our leaders have assets worth crores of rupees in other countries. This time he once again criticised Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif.

Khan further said, show me one country where there is a democracy and the head of that democratic country has no assets abroad or in the country. No one can even imagine that the Pakistani PM has built properties and businesses worth crores outside the country. His children have UK passports. This gap arises only when there are different laws for the strong and the weak.

Even earlier, Imran Khan had praised India. A few months ago he had said that India became independent along with us. Modi is honest, so India does not need any superpower to run the country. No one can scare him. They are buying discounted oil from Russia during the ban to help the masses.

Editorial Viewpoint

Don’t be surprised if the statement of Imran Khan makes the jabbering gang in India call him a BJP agent.

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