Women are protesting by cutting their hair and burning the Hijab !

Anti-hijab movement continues in Iran

Tehran (Iran)  – Women in Iran are opposing the Hijab, after Mahisa Amini, a 22-year-old girl from Iran, died after she was beaten up by some activists who forced her to wear the hijab. A large protest was held during her funeral procession. Iranian women protested by removing their Hijabs. The Police fired tear gas canisters on these women. During these protests, some women even cut off their own hair, threw away their Hijab, and set it on fire.

(Credit : India Today)

These symbolic protests are being held everywhere as a form of protest against the Iranian Government’s law to force women over the age of 7 to wear a Hijab.

Editorial viewpoint

Even though Iran is an Islamic country, its Muslim women are opposing the compulsory hijab. Whereas Muslim women in India which is not even an Islamic country, are insisting on wearing the hijab !

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