Two Jihadi terrorists arrested in Assam

Arrested 2 terrorists

Guwahati  (Assam) – The Police had recently arrested 2 terrorists linked to the ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team’ (ABT) in Assam. These terrorists have been identified as Musadiq Hussain and Ikramul Islam. Ikramul, who was an imam (the person who leads the prayers in a mosque) was arrested from Nagaon district and his partner Hussain was arrested in Morigaon district. The above information was given to the news agency ANI by the Morigaon Superintendent of Police Aparna N.

1. Last month, the Morigaon district administration had demolished a Madarasa in Moirabari. The state administration has so far demolished 3 madarasas across the state. Also, over 40 people, including an imam and a madarasa teacher had been arrested on charges of having links with the terrorist organisations.

2. After the cleric of a madarasa was arrested on charges of anti-national activities, the locals demolished the madarasa on their own.

3. A few days ago, there were reports that terrorists have started entering the state in the guise of religious leaders and are carrying out anti-national activities.

Madarasas are not an educational institutions, but terrorist centres ! – Chief Minister

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had said that some madarasas in the state of Assam have become terrorist centers rather than educational institutions. Islamic teachers visiting the state will be closely monitored. He further stated that the state is developing a portal where their details will be recorded.

Editorial viewpoint

Ever since Himanta Biswa Sarma became the Chief Minister, there has been a massive crackdown on terrorists. So far 40 terrorists have been arrested in Assam. Due to these stringent actions their hands may seem tied at the moment, but to completely stop terrorism it is imperative that the Government take more stringent actions to remove terrorism from its roots.

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