Centre issued guidelines on Tomato-flu due to increase in those patients

New Delhi – Initially, Kerala had patients suffering from Tomato-flu; but later the infection spread into Tamil Nadu and Odisha also. Up to now 82 cases have been registered, and most of them are children. Seeing the increasing number of patients, the Centre has announced some guidelines.

If anyone is infected by this disease then he should be quarantined for 5 to 7 days, taking care not to have any contact with the patient. The patient should take complete rest, he should be more on a liquid diet. Sponging with warm water will reduce the burning of the skin. In the case of children, it is better to use a handkerchief as their skin is very delicate, and not to cause any injury to their skin. Abstain from scratching if the boils on the skin start itching. It is essential to wash children’s clothes properly. They must be on a nourishing diet.

What is ‘Tomato-flu’ ?

Common symptoms of Tomato-flu – Heaviness in the body, joint pain, fever, vomiting, burning of the skin. Red boils appear on Children’s skin which go on increasing. They grow like tomatoes in shape, hence the disease is known as Tomato-flu. Although children below age 10 are more likely to contact this infection, it can affect elders also. The person coming into contact of the patient suffering from this disease is more prone to catch the infection. So also those who have low immunity can suffer this infection.

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