Religious fanatic father-in-law attempts to crush his own pregnant daughter and Hindu son-in-law under the vehicle !

Had opposed marrying a Hindu boy !

Bharatpur (Rajasthan) – A man identified as Islam Khan tried to kill his pregnant daughter and his Hindu son-in-law by crushing them under his rickshaw in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The girl’s marriage to a Hindu man is said to be the reason behind this incident. Islam Khan’s daughter Nagma Khan and son-in-law Narendra Saini have filed a complaint against him at Mathura Gate Police Station in Bharatpur. Following this, the Police registered a case against Khan.

Nagma and Narendra got married in February this year. Islam Khan was against this marriage as Narendra is a Hindu. He was threatening the couple since the marriage. On 28th July 2022, Islam Khan, a rickshaw driver, hit the bike on which Narendra and Nagma were riding and knocked them down. Then He tried to crush both of them under the rickshaw. Both had to run for their lives. A video of this act has been making rounds on social media. Islam Khan is absconding after the incident took place. Narendra has demanded protection from the Police.

Editorial Viewpoint

Where are those hypocrites who otherwise preach Hindus that love has no religion and preach Hindus not to oppose Love Jihad ?

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