Independence Day 15th August 2022

Message of our Tricolour

The National Flag of any Nation is the symbol of its honour. It conveys a valuable message to its people. Let us see what message our Tricolour conveys to us.

1. Green : Prosperity

2. White : Forgiveness and peace

3. Saffron : Sacrifice and service unto mankind; however, the red veiled in the saffron makes us aware of vigilance. Red veiled in the saffron warns us – ‘Although love-truth-nonviolence-service-forgiveness are human attributes, do not lose your strength to fight injustice. Preserve a lion’s strength in your wrists’ !

4. Ashoka chakra : The National Flag unfurling gracefully has the Ashoka chakra in blue. Blue is the colour of the sky, meaning, void of the Universe. It teaches impartial treatment to everyone. The Ashoka chakra conveys – ‘Keep moving … one who stops is finished, go ahead’. Emperor Ashoka, who carried such a message of noble Principles all over the world, was the conqueror of the world.

(Indepedence Day as per Tithi [Meaning, the Hindu Almanac] is on Shravan Krushna 14, that is, on 26th August 2022)