Bomb blast at the entrance of Gurudwara here in Kabul (Afghanistan)

Bomb blast at the entrance of Karta-e-Parvan Gurudwara

Kabul (Afghanistan) – There had been a bomb blast at the entrance of Karta-e-Parvan Gurudwara; fortunately no casualties, informed Punit Singh, Chairman of ‘Indian World Forum’. Terrorists of Islamic State had attacked this Gurdwara earlier in which security guards were killed. In 2020 attack 27 Sikhs had got killed.

‘Hindus and Sikhs to return to Afghanistan – Appeals Taliban

Editorial perspective

Who cares for this appeal ? Taliban is appealing like this to raise its image at the international level. Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan had fled away when the Taliban had conquered Afghanistan. Now the officers of Taliban’s Home Ministry are calling Hindus and Sikhs who had fled, to come back claiming that the security in the country has improved.

Taliban’s officers had met members of the Hindu and Sikh Parishad on 24th July. Taliban’s Chief of Staff Dr Mullavasi had given this information on tweet. So also Taliban had agreed to pay Rs 75 lakhs for the damages caused to Gurudwara due to their attack. Gurudwara is going to be renovated through that.

Editorial perspective

Sikhs are insecure in ruling Taliban; why are Khalistani quiet over this ?

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