New Private Colleges for Muslims to be built in Karnataka to be able to wear hijab !

Application for 13 new colleges

Bengaluru – In Karnataka, before the Vidhan Sabha elections, efforts are being made to encourage the conflict over the Jihad issue rise once again. The Muslim organisations in the southern districts of the State have placed an application for 13 new private colleges. In these colleges, Hijab cannot be banned. Hijab is banned in all the Government academic institutions.

The former Congress Government in Karnataka had made uniform mandatory for all the Government academic institutions. Private schools have the liberty to decide their dress code. Now, even if the religious symbols are banned in the Government schools and colleges, whether to allow Hijab or not, still remains in the hands of the private academic institutions. Hence, the Muslims have decided to start their new private colleges.
A senior Officer in the Education department said that in the last 5 years, the Muslims organisations have never placed an application for starting a college. If the applicants fulfil all the required parameters, they can get the permission.

What was this Hijab issue ?

In January 2022, in a college in Udupi, 6 girl students were denied entry in the college for wearing hijab. After that, ‘Camps Front of India’, the student branch of the terrorist organisation ‘Popular Front of India’ spread and encouraged this issue throughout the country. Some Muslim students had filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court to get the permission for wearing Hijab. In February 2022, the Court rejected their demand declaring it to be unconstitutional. As an act of protest, it is said that some Muslim students did not appear for the final exam. ‘Muslim girls not going to school’ and ‘Muslims not appearing for the exam’ was also a part of this agitation.

Editorial viewpoint

In the last 75 years, all the ruling parties have appeased the Muslims to bring them into the mainstream. But it has been said that ‘a dog’s tail can never be straightened’. The above incident is an ideal example of this.




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