Why is the world silent about the atrocities of Muslims on Hindus in Bangladesh ? : Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders

Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Geert Wilders, the founder of the national political party ‘Party for Freedom’ in the Netherlands has heavily condemned the attacks on Hindus by religious fanatics in Bangladesh and also questioned the silence of Islamic world over the attacks. He tweeted, ‘Hindus are attacked again by Muslims in Narail, #Bangladesh. They burn their houses, temples and shops. Why is the world silent ? Why is Islamic violence against Hindus acceptable ? It is not ! Not in India, not in Bangladesh, nowhere ! (sic)’. His statement came on the backdrop of continuous attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh. Wilders has been creating public awareness through various tweets for the protection of Hindus in India. He is seen by the global community as staunch opponent of Islam.

O’ Hindus, you have every right to fight for self-defence !

In another tweet, Geert Wilders appealed to Hindus in India, ‘You must fight for yourself, for self-defence, for your values ​​and culture, and for Nupur Sharma. You have every right to do so. If you fall for Islam, cultural relativism, corrupt judges and weak politicians, you will lose everything. Be fearless ! I love you and support you’ !

Editorial Viewpoint

No politician in India asks such a question. Please note that such politicians remain inactive even after Hindus are attacked in India !