A minor Hindu girl abducted forced to convert and married off to a Muslim man in Karachi (Pakistan)

Karachi (Pakistan) – Recently a 16-year-old Hindu girl in the Sindh province of Pakistan was kidnapped. Thereafter she was forced to convert and married off to a Muslim man. The Hindus there have agitated against this and demanded that ex-President Asif Ali Zardari intervene and help in finding this child.

(Credit : India Today)

1. The Police say that this girl’s name is Kareena and she loved a Muslim Youth named Khalil Rehman Jono and that they ran away together. Then they went to Court in Karachi and applied for a marriage license. The boy’s father has been arrested on the complaint of the girl’s father, and the girl too will be presented in the Court.

2. Hindu Panchayats Vice President Lajpat Rai said that a representation was made to the Police station, but they refused to register a case of forced conversion.

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Hindus in Pakistan are not safe