Aurangzeb had ordered only to demolish the temple and not building of a mosque ! : Advocate Vijay Shankar Rastogi

Hearing of Kashi Vishweshwar Mandir and Gyanvapi Masjid case in Allahabad High Court 

(Right side) Advocate Vijay Shankar Rastogi

Prayagraj – On the 13th of July 2022, the hearing was held before Justice Prakash Padia, the Bench of Allahabad High Court on the petitions filed by Anjuman-e-Intazamia and Sunni Wakf Board on the Gyanvapi issue. While pleading on behalf of the temple; advocate Vijay Shankar Rastogi presented various references and facts before the Bench. He said that Aurangzeb had issued the order only to demolish the temple, but there was no mention of building a mosque in its place; therefore, constructing a mosque was not right. Advocate Rastogi argued further that although Adi Vishweshwar Mandir was demolished as per Aurangzeb’s order, the ownership of the land remained with the temple. Considering the old references, it is clear that the temple existed since ancient times.

Advocate Rastogi said further that mistakes were committed in the earlier empire. Shri Kashi Vishweshwar Mandir was demolished forcefully. If the present Government wanted to correct the mistakes committed earlier, it can present the related evidence and the Court can take note of the same while passing a verdict for a necessary solution. The Supreme Court had given such instructions in the case of Ramjanmabhoomi and the same can happen even in this case. The next hearing on this case will be held on the 15th of July 2022.

Editorial viewpoint 

Hindus feel that even the Government should bring forth all evidence before people and try to build the temple ! 

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