Danish khan attacks a minor girl in Jhansi, UP

He had been harassing the girl for the past 2 years

Jhansi (UP) –On 11th July, a 12th-standard girl was attacked with a knife by a young man named Danish Khan. Another girl saved her life. The injured girl was taken to the hospital and she has got 39 stitches on her face. The Police have arrested Danish Khan and 6 others.

According to the Police, the two met two years ago. Danish then started threatening the girl and took money and jewelry from her. When the girl’s family found out about this a few months ago, they went to Danish’s house and complained to the family to which Danish`s family apologised.  But on 11th July, Danish attacked the girl. The incident is being investigated further.

Editorial Viewpoint

Otherwise minority, however, when it comes to crime, are the majority.

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