Sitting arrangement in Kerala’s Medical College for a meeting according to the Islamic ‘Talibanic’ method.

  • A curtain was hung between the boys and girls
  • Criticism on the Social Media

Thrissur  (Kerala) –  Taking a cue from the Taliban administration in Afghanistan, the meeting in the Government Medical College, Thrissur an Islamist  Preacher, Abdulla Basil, under the banner of Wisdom, an Islamist outfit organised a meeting in which male and female students sat separately with a curtain between them. There was criticism on social media about this. Abdullah, the Islamic preacher, said, he feels pity for those who can’t digest the standpoint of religion towards gender discourse, which is quite different from that of liberals.

In September last year, media across the world published news from Taliban-ruled Afghanistan where the female students were separated from the males with the use of curtains or boards that divide the classroom. The Taliban administration had received flak from social media from various quarters as the decision amounts to gender-based discrimination.

Editorial viewpoint

Why are the activists fighting for equality between men and women silent now ?