‘Gurukrupayoga’ is the ‘Matru Samhita’, full of maternal love of the Universe in the form of Paratpar Gurudev

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale
H.H. (Mrs) Uma Ravichandran

1. Division of Scriptures on the basis of Yug (Era) and Kal (Time)

While writing points from the Vedas (The most sacred of Hindu Scriptures, revealed directly by God) in the script for the ‘Online’ satsang series, I had a thought that in Kaliyug (Present era of strife), ‘Matru Samhita’ is the only new aspect of Vaidik science. Scriptures are mainly divided into 3 categories on the basis of Yuga and Kal.

A. ‘Prabhu Samhita’ – Vedas / Shrutis (Guidance as per the Divine instructions)
B. ‘Suhrut Samhita’ – Smrutis (Guidance like a friend would give)
C. ‘Kanta Samhita’ – Mythological history (Guidance in a very sweet voice)

2. The classification of Vedas as ‘Prabhu Samhita’ as Paramatma’s words being akin to the Vedas in Satyayug

Jivas (Embodied souls) in Satyayug were sattvik (Sattva predominant) and spiritually evolved. They used to abide by the Vedas. Since Paramatma’s utterances were akin to the Vedas, they were classified as ‘Prabhu Samhita’ as per the prevailing Kal. People followed the Vedas, God’s words.

3. In Tretayug, the spiritual level of jivas reduced; to make them follow the Vedas, they were classified as ‘Suhrut Samhita’

While guiding on the Vaidik science, the quality of God’s command transformed into milder words, like a friend’s; hence, it was classified as ‘Suhrut Samhita’. Since the spiritual level of jivas then reduced, they were not ready to hear and obey. To make them follow the Vedas, guidance was provided mildly as a friend would guide.

4. In Dwaparyug, humans deteriorated mentally to such an extent that they could not even listen to the ‘Veda Samhita’

Due to further deterioration in the mental attitude of humans in Dwaparyug, they were not even prepared to listen to ‘Prabhu Samhita’ and ‘Suhrut Samhita’. Therefore, it became necessary to elucidate the Vedas as part of Puranas and history. The form of Vedas also was sweet (just as for the husband’s benefit, the wife needs to communicate sweetly); hence, it was classified as ‘Kanta Samhita’.

5. In Kaliyug, history and Puranas appeared to be fiction since ego of humans increased

In today’s times (Kaliyug within Kaliyug), since the sattvikata in humans has reduced to 20%, they have no interest in even listening to ‘Prabhu Samhita’, ‘Suhrut Samhita’ and ‘Kanta Samhita’. For them history and Puranas appear to be imaginary due to their increased ego. This is the misconception; and hence, it is impossible for them to believe.

6. ‘Gurukrupayoga’ is full of maternal love of the Universe in the form of Paratpar Gurudev; hence, it is being classified as ‘Matru Samhita’

In fact God has created ‘Gurukrupayoga’, the 5th Veda in Kaliyug for the emancipation of people curious about Spirituality. Since it contains guidance that is full of maternal love, it is being classified as ‘Matru Samhita’. No one can deny the noble love of a mother for her child. Mother’s love is devoid of instructions or expectations, it is full of love and blessings; but the love of the mother of the Universe in the form of Paratpar Gurudev is beyond description.

Satchidananda Parabrahma Paratpar Gurudev’s ‘Matru Samhita’ has been revealed through His Divine words, actions, articles, Holy texts, satsangs, workshops, meetings, websites and spiritual research.

7. ‘Gurukrupayoga’ is the confluence of Karmayoga, Jnanyoga and Bhaktiyoga; in Kaliyug, ‘Gurukrupayoga’ is easy and is the fastest Path of God-realisation

The science elucidated in the Vedas is based on Yajna (Sacrificial rituals). Smrutis and Upanishads guide on Jnanyoga, hence they are known as ‘Brahmavidya’. Since history and Puranas describe the Divine play of Incarnations, listening to them helps in generating bhaktibhav (Attitude of devotion). Due to the confluence of Karmayoga, Jnanyoga and Bhaktiyoga, ‘Gurukrupayoga’ came into existence. With the grace and compassion of God, this Path assures that it is easy, faster and best for God-realisation in the most difficult among all the Eras (Kaliyug).

8. Gratitude

O’ God ! I am ignorant about the Vedas, Upanishads, yet due to Your grace I could present the topic ‘Vedas’ in the Online satsang series. Just as sugar dissolves in milk, You generated the flow of thoughts in my mind. I offer the flower of this thought-process at Your feet. For us, You are the live form of the Vedas, Upanishads, history and Puranas. We do not have the knowledge of Vedas, but we know You. We are relaxed because we are certain that, our Gurumouli is always with us !

– Sanatan’s Saint, H.H. (Mrs) Uma Ravichandran (Chennai, 23.11.2020)

By serving in the Guru’s mission of spreading Spirituality, a seeker acquires His grace and progresses spiritually !

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