Retired HC Judge SN Dhingra slams Supreme Court for its observation on Nupur Sharma

SN Dhingra retired judge of Delhi High Court

New Delhi – SN Dhingra retired judge of Delhi High Court has slammed the Supreme Court’s Observation on Nupur Sharma and termed it as ‘irresponsible’, ‘illegal’ and ‘unfair’. In an interview to India TV, Justice Dhingra asserted that the SC has no right to make such remarks adding, ”From any point of view the Supreme Court has no right to make such remarks. He further said that the Supreme Court imposed a charge and gave a verdict without listening to Nupur Sharma.

“In my view, this remark is very irresponsible in itself. The Supreme Court has no right to make any such remark that the entire career of the person who has come to seek justice may be ruined or all the courts are prejudiced against him/her,” he replied to a question by India TV. There was neither testimony, nor investigation, nor was she given an opportunity to present her explanation, he said. Commenting on the questions which are being raised on the Supreme Court’s observation, Justice Dhingra said that even the Supreme Court is not above the law.

Law says that if you want to convict a person, you must first frame the charge against him, then the prosecution will present his evidence, after which he will get an opportunity to give his statement on that evidence. He/she then gets a chance to present his/her witnesses. After that it is the duty of the Court to take into account all the evidence and give its verdict.” Recently, Supreme Court Bench had held the former Bharatiya Janata Party Spokesperson responsible for Kanhaiya Lal’s beheading in Udaipur.

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