Judiciary answerable to Constitution alone : CJI

N V Ramana

New Delhi – The judiciary system is totally independent and is answerable only to the Constitution, stated N V Ramana, the Chief Justice of India (CJI) while addressing a felicitation programme held at San Francisco by ‘the Association of Indian Americans’ on the 2nd of July 2022.

The Chief Justice said further,

1. The party in power feels that every governmental action is entitled to judicial endorsement, while the opposition parties expect the judiciary to advance their political positions and policies.

2. We are celebrating the 75th year of Independence and as our Republic turned 72, with some sense of regret, I must say that we still haven’t learnt to appreciate the roles and responsibilities assigned by the Constitution and the functioning of democratic institutions.

3. The most important thing is that voters from rural India are becoming more proactive in competently discharging their duties compared to their urban, educated counterparts.

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