Nupur Sharma is responsible for the incident in Udaipur : Supreme Court

Nupur Sharma’s plea for a joint hearing in Delhi on crimes registered in different parts of the country rejected !

(Right side) Nupur Sharma                         (Image credit : OpIndia)

New Delhi – Nupur Sharma is responsible for whatever is happening in the country right now. We have seen in the television discussion how the accused woman provoked religious sentiments. The manner in which this woman made the statement and then said, ‘I am an advocate’, is disgraceful. This woman’s statement is responsible for the murder of the incident at Udaipur. (Kanhaiyalal’s brutal death by jihadists) What was the need to make such a statement ? Justice Suryakant stated that this woman should apologise to the whole country. Nupur Sharma allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad on a news channel during a discussion, and crimes in different languages are being registered against Nupur Sharma.
For security reasons, Nupur Sharma demanded in a petition to the Supreme Court that a hearing should be held in Delhi Court for all the registered crimes. During the hearing, the court rejected Sharma’s plea asking her to go to the High Court. At the time of the hearing, Nupur Sharma said, ‘there are threats of rape and murder’ on this the Court told her ‘to file a case against such people.

1. The Court said Nupur Sharma should apologise to the country, the lawyer told the Court that “Sharma has apologised.” The Judge said she had apologised conditionally, saying “if it hurt feelings, then …”. It is also too late to withdraw the statement; she should apologise on Television all over the country. Your statement has spoiled the atmosphere in the country. Because of your statement, the country has been discredited.

2. The Court said that the Delhi Police did not take any action against Nupur Sharma in spite of the case has been registered against her. The Court said that the Delhi Police had put a ‘red carpet’ (Red Carpet) which was worn for you. What action has the Police taken so far regarding this case ?

3. Justice Suryakant told the Delhi Police, “After filing a complaint against someone, you arrest that person; but no one dares to touch influential Nupur Sharma. Nupur Sharma was the spokesperson of one party, so the wind of power has blown in her head.

Editorial viewpoint

Anti-Hindu painter M.F. Hussain painted obscene and nude pictures of Hindu Deities, and at a time 1,200 complaints were lodged across the country, while crimes were registered in 5 places. The public has not forgotten that the joint hearing was held at Delhi.

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