India’s ban on ‘single use plastic’ welcomed worldwide

New Delhi – India’s ban on ‘Single-use plastic’ from 1st July was welcomed from all over the world. Many countries have congratulated PM Narendra Modi for taking such a bold step. 19 single-use plastic items are now banned in India. These items are – thermocol plates, cups, glass, cutlery, straw, tray, wrapping film, invitation cards, films used to cover cigarette packs, plastic flags, balloon sticks, and ice cream spoons.

1. Denmark’s Ambassador in India, Freddy Svane said, he feels this to be a great idea. The ban imposed by India on plastic is a gift to the Earth. India is contributing to this great cause, hence, I congratulate India.

2. Martin Botham, temporarily in charge of Norway said, I congratulate India and PM Narendra Modi for taking such an important decision. This will reduce the use of plastic which causes harm to the Earth. Plastic found in the ocean has to be recycled. It spreads in the air and goes in our breath.

3. Temporary Ambassador of Norway, Martin Botham has said that plastic was a Global problem. India should succeed in its effort. Some things such as plastic bottles are not included in the ban imposed by India

4. India produces approximately 1 1/2 lakhs tons of waste per day. Out of that 9,589 tons happens to be plastic. Recycling is possible only for 30% plastic.

5. 80 countries in the world have banned ‘Single-use plastic’.  Plastic bags are charged in Europe.

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