Karnataka’s Home Minister orders Police  to identify the foreign nationals living illegally in Kannada District

(In the middle) Karnataka Home Minister Araga Gyanendra

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka Home Minister Araga Gyanendra has directed the Dakshina Kannada District Police to conduct a survey to identify foreign nationals that are illegally residing in the District. Gyanendra said the aim of the survey was to track down foreign nationals living in Karnataka even after their visas have expired and lacked valid documents.

The Home Minister said that the Police would have to find out whether the foreign nationals had fake Aadhaar cards, ration cards, or voter IDs. Police have been directed to submit a report on it within two weeks. Home Minister Gyanendra gave this information after a meeting with senior officers of the District Police. He also said that such a survey was conducted recently in Bengaluru.

Editorial Viewpoint

Why do such orders need to be issued ? Why don’t Police take its cognisance ?

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