Street lights to be switched off after 9 p.m. to save electricity

Pakistan rapidly moving toward bankruptcy

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy and the Government is trying its best to save the country. The Pakistan Government had earlier issued orders to cut down additional expenses. In the orders given now, all programmes like ‘Mehandi’,  ‘Bhangra’ parties, processions, etc. will have to be wound up by 9 p.m. The street lights, which are not necessary, will also be switched off after 9 p.m. This order will, however, be not applicable to medical shops, petrol pumps, bus stands, milk shops, etc.

1. Pakistan’s Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said that there was a shortage of 7,400 MW in electricity production. The demand for electricity has crossed 28,400 MW, but production was 21,000 MW. The Government has, therefore, issued orders to keep open markets, shopping malls, marriage halls, and shops till 9 p.m. only, after which Section 144 will be implemented.

2. The Government offices will be open only for 5 days a week now. The Government has claimed that by keeping the offices closed on Saturdays,  there would be a saving of Rs 7,830 crores (in Indian currency); besides, the Government has given an option to its employees to work from home on Fridays, ordering a cut of 40% in their petrol reimbursement. Pakistan’s army will also observe this day as ‘Dry Day’ and no official vehicles will be on the roads.

3. Imran Khan’s Party leader Fawad Chaudhry has said that keeping markets and shopping malls closed after 9 p.m. was not a solution to come out of bankruptcy. The people are paying the price for the incompetency of the Government and its mismanagement. The Shehbaz Government is taking Pakistan to the Stone Age instead of solving the problem of electricity shortage.

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