Constitutional provisions do not apply to Hindus where they are in minority – M Nageshwar Rao, former-interim Director-General, CBI

First Day : Second Session : National mission/ goals and Constitutional reforms

Mr M Nageshwar Rao

Ramnathi (Ponda) – ‘While speaking on the topic of ‘Lack of freedom to follow Hindu religion, its study, and propagation’, Mr M Nageshwar Rao, the former Director-General, Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) said, “Out of the five rights conferred under the Constitution, Hindus have only political rights, but they are deprived of the equal Constitutional rights available under fields like religion, culture, education, and financial freedom. Hindus are treated as secondary citizens; therefore, efforts should be made for Hindus to get equal rights. Kashmir faced Hindu genocide in the decade of 1990. Millions of Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir, but nobody tried to protect them. The Constitutional provisions do not apply to Hindus wherever they become a minority population. The Government doesn’t even support Hindus. There are no Hindu temples in Mizoram, as 100% population of the State follows Christianity. Hindus are running away from the States, Districts, villages, etc; but where would they go also needs to be considered.”

He said further that,

1. The Court imposes a ban on sacrificing animals at Tripureshwar Temple, but millions of animals are slaughtered in India every day and no restrictions are imposed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to ban ‘Pink Revolution (policy promoting the sale of beef)’ and bring ‘White Revolution (increase in dairy products)’; however, in the present scenario, India is the second-highest country in the world selling meat and beef. Millions of animals are slaughtered every day and grants are given for the import of meat/beef.

2. Today, being a Muslim or a Christian in this country is like having a license to convert Hindus.

3. Hindus have to pay everywhere, from taking ‘darshan’ in their temples to keeping their shoes outside temples, owing to the Governments taking over management of temples. Why do Hindus have to pay for everything to meet their God? It won’t be wrong to say that it’s a more dreadful tax than ‘jizia’ levied by Aurangzeb.

4. Articles 12, 25, and 26 should be removed by the Central Government, and the ‘Central Temple Management Act’ will have to be passed so that the temples would be freed from the clutches of Governments and would be managed by Hindus.

5. Whenever any change is suggested under Hindu Dharma, under the excuse that there would be an increase in temple corruption, efforts are made to see that Hindus don’t unite even though Hindus have been very honestly managing their temples since ancient times. This Convention should, therefore, be used for handing back temple management to Hindus, without falling prey to such false propaganda.

6. The Government is using temple money for its own expenses rather than for temple development; therefore, Hindus must strive to free temples from the clutches of Governments.

Don’t blindly support the Uniform Civil code – M. Nageshwar Rao, former-interim Director-General, CBI

The Uniform Civil Code is constantly being discussed. It is supported by the majority of Hindus. But, don’t blindly support what the code says without knowing it. We talk of equality in the Country, however, how equal rights can be given to fox and deer ?

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