Tenth ‘All India Hindu Rashtra Convention’ will begin from 12th June in Goa

‘Hindu Rashtra Council’ is the main feature of this year’s Convention !

New Delhi – ‘The talks of Hindu Rashtra have started gaining ground in the country due to the ‘All India Hindu Rashtra Convention’ being held in Goa for the last 10 years. Following that, developments started taking place in various fields keeping in view the goal of Hindu Rashtra. The 10th ‘All India Hindu Rashtra Convention’ has been organised at Shri Ramnath Devasthan, Ponda, Goa from 12 to 18 June 2022 to speed up the process of establishment of Hindu Rashtra’, said Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale (National Guide) ‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’.

He was speaking at a press conference held at the Press Club of India in Delhi. At this time, dignitaries Vishnu Shankar Jain, (Adv.) Supreme Court, Mr Kapil Mishra, (Founder, President) of ‘Hindu Ecosystem’, and Ms Kritika Khatri (Spokesperson) ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ were present in the conference.

(From Left : Mr Kapil Mishra, Adv. Vishnu Shankar Jain, Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale and Ms Kritika Khatri)

Attempts will be made to imbibe the working policies of Hindu Rashtra in this year’s Convention. A special initiative called ‘Hindu Rashtra Council’ has been organised in this Convention to give directives on how the ideal State system in a Hindu Rashtra should be. Hindu Rashtra Council will be held for 3 days during the Convention. Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale also told that there will be a detailed discussion on ‘Parliamentary and Constitutional way for establishing Hindu Rashtra’, ‘Ideal management of Temples’ and ‘How to Adopt Hindu Educational Policies ?’

Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale

Using Islam as a shield to oppose the laws will no longer work ! – Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale

1. Recently, Maulana Mahmood Madani, the head of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, said that no interference in Sharia law would be tolerated with respect to the Uniform Civil Code. ‘If Hindus do not like Muslims, then Hindus should leave India’, he threatened openly. Muslims threatened Hindus and rout them out of Kashmir, now they are threatening to rout the rest of Hindus out of India. On the one hand, saying proudly that we (the Indian Muslims) did not go to Pakistan, and on the other hand, using Islam as shield to oppose the laws based on the Indian Constitution, will no longer be tolerated. Muslims choosing not to go to Pakistan and staying back in India, is not a favour they have done to India. They should look at the current situation of those who then went to Pakistan. It should be noted that the majority Hindus in India have nurtured brotherhood even after giving special minority privileges to the Muslims. They should keep in mind that the present India does not endorse Gandhigiri but holds Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as a role model for implementing national security.

2. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, this Convention could not be held in-person for the last 2 years. An online Convention was held in the year 2020. As the Convention is being held in-person this year, there is huge enthusiasm among the devout Hindus across the country. More than 1,000 delegates from more than 350 Hindu organisations in 26 Indian States, and from the United States, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji and Nepal, have been invited to the Convention. The discussions in the Convention will mainly focus on topics such as, ‘Gyanvapi Masjid in Kashi’, ‘Mathura Mukti Andolan’, ‘Places of Worship Act’, ‘Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus’, ‘Noise Pollution of loudspeakers on Mosques’, ‘Hijab protests’, ‘Halal Certificate: an Economic Jihad’, ‘Protection of Hindus’, ‘Protection of Temple-Culture-History’, ‘Religious Conversion’, ‘Islamic encroachments on forts’ etc.

Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain

The ‘Places of Worship Act 1991’ violates the principles of secularism ! – Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain

Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, who is fighting a litigation in the case of Gyanvapi in Kashi, said that the ‘Places of Worship Act, 1991’ violates the principles of secularism. The law also deprives one’s right to approach the Court in this regard. While on the other hand, the Waqf Act gives Muslims the right to declare any property as Waqf property. The provisions of the Waqf Act are discriminatory as per Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India, and violates the religious rights conferred on Hindus by Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution.

Mr Kapil Mishra

This convention will give impetus to the establishment of Hindu Rashtra by uniting Hindus ! – Mr Kapil Mishra

Mr Kapil Mishra, Founder President of Hindu Ecosystem, said, ‘We work to give impetus to Hindu ideology, to create awareness about Sanatan Dharma among the younger generation, and to refute the ideological attacks on Hindu philosophy and thinking. We also try to protect the Dharma and culture by raising voice against denigration of our Deities, faith and hurting of the sentiments of Hindus. Through this Convention, the establishment of Hindu Rashtra will definitely gain momentum by uniting advocates, devout Hindus, religious organisations and Saint-Mahants coming from different States of the country’.

Ms Kritika Khatri

Convention will be a guideline for wider organisation of Hindus ! -Ms Kritika Khatri

Ms Kritika Khatri, Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha, said, ‘Though with the advent of a pro-Hindu party Government at the Centre and in several States, positive action has been taken on construction of Shriram Mandir, enacting anti-love jihad and anti-conversion laws, abrogation of Article 370, several religious and historical places are yet to be freed. Owaisi says, ‘Babri is taken, but we will not allow to take the Gyanvapi mosque’. Attacks on Hindu processions and religious festivals are taking place all over the country. Due to forceful conversions by Christian missionaries, a Hindu girl like Lavanya is compelled to commit suicide. After 32 years of genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, the killing of Kashmiri Hindus has not stopped even today. In general, Hindus are vulnerable everywhere. Therefore, they must unite for their constitutional rights. This Convention will be a guideline for the wider organisation of Hindus’.

Dignitaries attending the Convention

The Convention will be presided over by Mr Nageshwar Rao, former Acting Director of CBI, H.H. (Advocate) Hari Shankar Jain, who is fighting a Court battle against Gyanvapi Mosque in Kashi, and his son Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, National Spokesperson of Hindu Front for Justice, BJP’s MLA from Telangana a.k.a. ‘Hindu Sher’ (Hindu Lion) T Raja Singh, Editor-in-Chief of pro-Hindu ‘Sudarshan News’ channel Mr Suresh Chavhanke, Mr Rahul Kaul of Panun Kashmir, Mr Neel Madhav Das, President of Tarun Hindu Association in Jharkhand, Mr Arjun Sampath, President of Hindu Makkal Katchi (Hindu Janata Dal) Party in Tamil Nadu, Mr Ravindra Prabhudesai, Managing Director of Pitambari Group, Mr Subhash Welingkar, Founder of ‘Bharatmata Ki Jai’ organisation, Goa, Mr Kuru Thai, Vice President, Bamboo Resources and Development Agency, Arunachal Pradesh, Mr Anil Dheer, National Secretary, Bharat Raksha Manch and many other senior advocates, entrepreneurs, thinkers, writers Journalists, temple trustees, as well as representatives of many like-minded social, national and spiritual organisations. Saints like Swami Sanyuktanandji Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangh, Swami Nirgunanandagiri Maharaj of International Vedant Society, H.H. (Dr) Yudhisthirlal Maharaj of Shadani Darbar in Chhattisgarh, President of Mahatyagi Seva Sansthan H.H. Mahant Shri Ramdnyanidas Mahatyagi Maharaj, will also grace the Convention with their presence.

Live broadcast on Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s website !

So far, more than 30 Hindu organisations, Sects, universities, Lawyers’ Associations, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc. have given letters of support to this Convention. The Convention will be telecast live on Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s website HinduJagruti.org, as well as on the YouTube channel ‘HinduJagruti’, and Twitter handle @HinduJagrutiOrg. An appeal was also made at this time to the devout Hindus from all over the world to take benefit of this Convention.

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