Rohingya Muslims are entering Bangladesh from India : Bangladesh

Intrusion due to better facilities at refugee camps in Bangladesh

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – The Bangladesh Government has expressed concern over the intrusion of Rohingya Muslims into Bangladesh from India and asked India to stop them. The Government of Bangladesh has sent a letter to the Indian Government regarding the issue. Bangladesh says Rohingya Muslims have been entering Bangladesh for the past few weeks.

A few days ago, Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister A.K. Abdul Momen had said that Rohingya Muslims, who had intruded Bangladesh from India, had entered India in 2012. A large number of Rohingya Muslims are entering Bangladesh from India. They are taking the help of agents to cross the border. The Rohingyas who intruded Bangladesh were told by their relatives that the Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh, were getting better facilities and food at the refugee camp. So, they are coming here.

There are currently 16,000 Rohingya refugees in various parts of India. That number could be higher. There are 1.1 million Rohingyas in Bangladesh.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Has Bangladesh ever tried to stop Bangladeshi Muslims from intruding into India from their country ?  If Bangladeshis who have entered India are sent back to Bangladesh now, will Bangladesh accept them ? Bangladesh must answer this.
  • Based on the religion of the intruders, Bangladesh should accept and look after its religious brethren rather than complain to India.


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