Idols and Shivling in a temple vandalised by the unidentified anti-social elements in Noida, UP

Miscreants damage Shivling and Idols of Deities

This photo has been published for people to know about the incident of desecration of Deity’s Idol and not to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. – Editor

Noida (UP) – Idols of Shridurgadevi and Deity Hanuman as well as Shivling, installed in a temple located in Sector-37 were vandalised by anti-social elements on 23rd May. A furious crowd gathered immediately after this news went viral. The Police reached the spot and investigated and checked the surrounding CCTV to identify the culprits. Police have assured the people to take action and get new Idols installed.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Hindus do not expect such incidents to take place when there is BJP Government.
  • Please note that the so-called secularists and progressives have kept mum about the fact that only Hindu Temples have been attacked in India for over a thousand years now. Now, there is no alternative to the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra.




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