US would intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan : Joe Biden

Courtesy- Avalon Radio

Tokyo (Japan) – US would intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan warned US President Biden after the QUAD summit while answering questions by a journalist. QUAD comprises of US, India, Japan and Australia. As per the agreement of the ’Taiwan Relation Act’, the US is supposed to protect Taiwan for which the US supplies arms to Taiwan.

Biden said that we have agreed to the policy of One China and we have signed it also. It is quite wrong to assume that Taiwan can be captured forcibly. China’s attempt to use force against Taiwan will not only be unjust but would also spread instability in the whole region.

China assumes Taiwan belongs to it. China aims for Taiwan to surrender to its political demands and accept its control over it. It was speculated that China might choose war against Taiwan to gain control over it as Russia had attacked Ukraine.

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