Huge rise in the height of tropopause due to greenhouse emission

Severe warning for the future due to expansion in the height of troposphere and limit of 200 meters

Nagpur (Maharashtra) – A study published by an international expert has revealed a dangerous aspect. Green gas has dramatically increased the temperature of the earth’s troposphere. Its height and boundaries have increased by 200 meters in the last 40 years. The research revealed that it will lead to many problems in the future. The research also found that the increase in climate change has had an adverse effect causing heat waves, excess rainfall, and an increase in air pressure, humidity and wind speed.

1. Earth’s atmosphere is 100 km and above, but the lowest and most important layer is the troposphere. It is 10 km to 20 km above the equator.

2. Weather changing factors like cloud formation, wind speed, air pressure, humidity, temperature, lightning and thunder form in this layer. So changes in that is a warning of danger.

3. The 9th revised research published in the scientific journal ‘Science Advances’ on 5th November 2021, that the layer of oxygen that keeps a person alive exists here.

4. Studies and observations have shown that the tropopause was stable before 1960, but as greenhouse gas emissions increased, they accumulate in these layers, warming the earth’s crust. The sun’s heat that enters the earth does not escape to the upper layers of the atmosphere due to polluted air. It is called the greenhouse effect.

5. The temperature in the troposphere has increased by 80% since the year 2000. Research has shown that raising this sensitive cover to 200 meters due to man-made causes is a danger signal.

Editorial Viewpoint

Know the ill effects of science ! In just 100 years, scientific advances have polluted the earth, which was free of pollution for thousands of years. It has polluted the earth to such an extent that it is having a life-threatening effect on human beings. Scientists will never accept this truth.

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