I experienced ‘peace’ after reaching Kashi : International basketball legend Dwight Howard

Howard visits India for a spiritual journey

Varanasi (UP) – NBA legend Dwight Howard has come to India to travel to Kashi in search of peace. ‘I experienced incredible peace after reaching Kashi’, Howard said. On the banks of river Ganga, he prayed for the world to be at peace. I understood why the Kashi of Baba Vishwanath is called ‘Mokshanagari. Similarly, he understood why the funeral takes place at Baba Vishwanath’s Kashi as well as why it is known as an eternal city since ancient times.

Dwight Howard was mesmerised after knowing the Indian Spirituality and philosophy. He was present for the famous Ganga Aarti on the Dashashwa ghat.

This legend congratulated Narendra Modi for the magical reforms in Kashi. Kashi is the constituency of PM Modi. ‘This is a spiritual journey, which will touch your soul’, said Howard on social media platforms.

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