UN : Climate change may cause 560 catastrophes yearly from 2030

Fires, floods, pandemics, and famine may become frequent

New Delhi – Since 2015, the world is facing close to 400 catastrophes yearly in the form of fires, floods, pandemics, and famine. According to a report by scientists of the UN, close to 560 catastrophes are expected by 2030 if the trend continues.

According to this report the magnitude, frequency, duration, and severity of climate-related hazards are increasing. Between 1970 and 2000, the world faced close to 90-100 medium to large-sized disasters yearly. The number has tripled in the later years. By 2030, an uptick of 300% is expected in heat waves. On the other hand, famine challenges would be 30% more frequent.

The climate change situation will be far worse and out of control if no action is taken now. The people do not know the impact of these calamities on humanity. The report highlighted that about 90% of the spending on disasters currently is emergency relief, with only 6% on reconstruction and 4% on prevention.

Editorial viewpoint

Pollution has caused climate change, which is caused by the exploitation of scientific innovations. No matter how much one boasts that science has advanced in the last century, this progress is leading to destruction.



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