Sound of loudspeakers should be limited to only within the religious premises

  • The directive by UP Government
  • Ban on use of loudspeakers without permission

Lucknow (UP) – New rules have been enacted by the UP Government about using loudspeakers. Even though permission has been granted to religious programmes by the Government, the restriction has been imposed that the sound of the loudspeakers should not be heard outside the religious premises; it should not cause any inconvenience to others.

(Credit : Zee News)

CM Yogi Adityanath has said, everyone has the right to hold traditional religious programmes and festivals, but no one will be allowed to take the law into their hands. Loudspeakers can be used but their sound should not trouble others. Only those who have been given permission should use loudspeakers. The use of loudspeakers without permission is now illegal and no one will be given new permission. No religious procession can be held without permission, that too, permission will be given to traditional programmes only. No new tradition will be allowed. Actions should be taken against all those who are responsible for spreading unrest and rumours.

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