Won’t remove loudspeakers from mosques despite MNS’ deadline : Raza Academy

  • The arrogance of Raza Academy
  • Letter to Commissioner of Police to authorise all loudspeakers !

Mumbai – ‘MNS is doing politics over the loudspeakers on mosques. Even though MNS has issued a deadline of 3rd May, loudspeakers will not be taken down from the mosques’, Saeed Noori, President of Raza Academy, said. He further said, ‘We met the Mumbai Police Commissioner on 17th April and asked for permission for the loudspeakers. Namaz has been performed on loudspeakers for many years, but why did this issue come up just now ? Mosques will fully comply with Supreme Court guidelines. Loudspeakers are allowed in every mosque in Mumbai. Permission will be sought for loudspeakers on those mosques that do not have permission currently, and Namaz will be offered accordingly’.

Noori also said that a letter was sent to the Mumbai Police Commissioner today from the All India Sunni Jamaat-ul-Ulama seeking permission for the loudspeakers.

Editorial comments

  • Why hasn’t Raza Academy got the loudspeakers authorised for so many years ? Please note that a Hindu leader had to issue a deadline for this ! This shows what can happen if Hindu leaders raise their voices !
  • Even if the loudspeakers are authorised, if they cause noise pollution, it will still be inappropriate. At the same time, the Azaan recited on authorised loudspeakers violates the sound limit set by the Supreme Court. Therefore, the majority of people now think that all such loudspeakers should be banned !

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