Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey attended Iftar Party of the controversial Raza Academy

Editorial Comment

How will the Police officers who attend parties organised by anti-nationals prevent crime ?

(Third from left) Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey

Mumbai – Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey attended the Iftar Party of Raza Academy, which was responsible for the Azad Maidan riots of 2012.  BJP MLA Nitesh Rane has tweeted a photo of Sanjay Pandey in the Iftar Party on social media. (During the Azad Maidan riots organised by Raza Academy, the jihadists ripped off uniforms of female Police constables. Raza Academy caused riots in various Districts of Maharashtra spreading the rumour of the demolition of mosques in Tripura. If the Police Commissioner is attending the party of such an anti-social, anti-national organisation, the Government should take action against him. – Editor)

Does the Government have a policy to encourage anti-national acts ?  – BJP MLA Nitesh Rane

Raza Academy has consistently taken an anti-national stance. On the one hand, State Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil says he is considering banning Raza Academy, but on the other, his own officials attend the Iftar party of Raza Academy. Is it an attempt by MVA Government to appease such people who were involved in acts that are against the nation or are there pressure on officials to attend such a gathering organised by Raza Academy, which demolished the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ at Azad Maidan and abused female Police sisters ?

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