A Punjabi Sikh youth placed slippers on top of the Idols of Deity Shiva and Parvati

Editorial comment

The Sikhs nowadays, consider Sikhism to be a separate religion, though it is a sect of the Hindu religion. With the budding of the Khalistan movement, there has been an increase in incidents of disrespect towards Hindus and their faith and attack on their places of worship. To prevent this misinformation among the Sikhs, it is necessary for society and the Government to tell them the true history.    

Gurdaspur (Punjab) – A wave of anger arose among the Hindus when a Sikh youth placed slippers on the Idols of Deity Shiva and Parvati in a temple in Gurdaspur (Punjab).

The incident of sacrilege happened at an event organised by the market committee in Dorangala on the occasion of Durgashtami. The people who were present there thrashed the Sikh youth after realising that he had desecrated the idols. A complaint was lodged to the Police, who took an hour to reach the spot. Then the Police lodged a case against the accused and arrested him. The market committee alleged that ‘Police were trying to instigate a riot’ but the Police refuted the allegation.

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