Predictions about the Hindu New Year by Kodi Muth in Karnataka

India is going to face unimaginable disasters never experienced before

Kodimatha (Karnataka) – Kodi Muth had predicted that in the New Year, communal riots, and unrest will be rampant. The world will be more confused. For the past many years, Kodi Muth has been predicting the overall situation in the New Year, food grains produce, rains, etc. Shri Shivanand Shivayogi Rajendra Swamiji, Seer of the Muth makes the predictions. Many have faith in His predictions. He has warned people saying that India will suffer an unusually great disaster.

The predictions of Kodi Muth

Seer of the Muth, Shri Shivanand Shivayogi Rajendra Swamiji

1. Political unrest and turmoil will spread all over, political groups will be formed, and heads of the Nations will be confused.

2. There will be unrest, communal riots, and murders. There will be tremendous loss due to electricity in particular.

3. Great loss due to fire.

4. In the monsoon, mountainous regions will become flat and flat ground will become mountainous.

5. This year will see good rains, but many places will get flooded and some areas may suffer drought.

6. The whole world is likely to suffer due to air pollution. Many Nations along with Delhi, the capital of India, will have to face many problems related to air pollution.

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