99% of the world’s population breathe polluted air : World Health Organisation

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The evil effect of the progress of Science !

Geneva (Switzerland) – 99% of the world population is breathing polluted air. This increases the threat of respiratory diseases. This has been stated in the report of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Mostly, the countries with moderate or low income are included in this.

1. This report has been published after checking the quality of over 6,000 cities in 117 countries. If the air pollution continues to increase, people will need to wear masks forever.

2. According to this report, there are many reasons for air pollution. Due to the smoke produced from the burning of fuels, vehicles, and electricity projects, the amount of nitrogen dioxide is increasing in the air. Hence, many people are facing untimely deaths due to breathing difficulties.

3. Dr Maria Neira, the Director of WHO, has mentioned in this report that 70 lakh people lost their lives in the previous year due to air pollution. The polluted air affects people’s health as well as work.

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