Plot to assassinate PM Narendra Modi

  • The issue came to light when the National Investigation Agency (NIA), received an email with a threat to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi 
  • At least 20 sleeper cells have been activated across the country to assassinate Modi
Editorial comment

The only way to end terrorist activity is to destroy Pakistan, the creator of terrorism. And the strictest action should be taken to uncover the conspirators and the terrorists who are plotting the assassination of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Mumbai – A threat to the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to light. The National Investigation Agency (NIA), Mumbai branch, has sprung into action after it received an email with a threat to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This mail mentions that many terror organisations are a part of the plan and at least 20 sleeper cells have been activated, and these sleeper cells are in possession of 20kg RDX with which they will bomb and kill Narendra Modi. The country’s investigation agencies are examining and finding out more about this e-mail.

He told the agency that he is going to commit suicide after sending the mail so that this conspiracy could not be exposed. As mentioned in the mail, the planning and modus operandi for the attack is done. It is said that the sender of the e-mail is connected with terrorist organisations.

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