Ukraine says, we will welcome if PM Modi wishes to be a mediator to end the Russia-Ukraine war

(From left) Indian PM Narendra Modi, Ukrainian President Zelensky, and Russian President Putin 

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said that they will welcome PM Modi takes up the role of a mediator to end the Russia-Ukraine war. On being asked, why PM Modi should play the role of mediator between Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian President Putin ? In response, he requested PM Modi to take advantage of the level of relationship India enjoys with Russia and convince President Putin to stop the war. He further added, the only person making decisions in Russia is President Putin. Therefore,  you need to speak with Putin directly about how to end this war and he described Putin as the only person who wants this war. Earlier, Ukrainian President  Zelenskyy had requested India to mediate as India is a good friend of Russia.

    Credit : NDTV

“We always have been one of the guarantors of Indian food security. We always supplied you with sunflower oil, grains, and other products. This is an unusually beneficial relationship,” Kuleba added.

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