Desecration of Mahadev Idol by miscreants in a temple at Faridpur, Bangladesh

Editorial comments

  • Now, will the Indian Government put pressure on Bangladesh to stop this continuous assault in Bangladesh on Hindus and their temples ?
  • Will those, who are quick to call Hindus ‘intolerant’ when an incident takes place concerning the minorities in India, speak about the deplorable condition of minority Hindus in Islamic Countries ?   

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – On the 6th March, unknown individuals desecrated the Mahadev Idol in a Hindu temple at Diknogor village in Bangladesh’s Faridpur. This temple is in the compound of the house of Gobind Saha, a resident of Diknogor.

Reporting this, Saha said, ‘I stepped out of the house as I could hear some noises from the temple. I saw some people breaking Shri Mahadev’s Idol. They ran away as soon as I went there. I immediately informed the Police about this incident. In this connection, Police Officer MA Jalil has given an assurance that the culprits will be arrested.’

Sanjib Das member ‘District Poojo Utsab Samiti’ said, ‘This is an abominable act and the culprits must be brought to justice’