Leave Kyiv urgently : Indian embassy to the Indian students

Kyiv (Ukraine) – On 1st March, the Indian embassy in Ukraine advised Indian nationals including Indian students to leave Kyiv urgently by train or any means available. This advice was given as the Russian troops are advancing rapidly towards Kyiv.

8,000 Indians left Ukraine

8,000 Indian nationals have left Ukraine so far. Among these, 1,936 were airlifted. 5 lakh citizens of different countries have left Ukraine since the war began and they have taken shelter in neighbouring countries like Polland, Romania, etc.

Prime Minister Modi thanked Ukraine`s neighbouring countries

IAF’s biggest plane, Globemaster will airlift stranded Indian students from Ukraine. The decision was taken on 28th February when Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting to review the ongoing efforts to bring back Indians stranded in Ukraine. After this meeting, PM Modi thanked the countries who are helping and giving shelter to the stranded Indian nationals.

Modi called Romanian PM Nicolae Ionel Ciuca and PM of Slovakia Eduard Heger and thanked them for the assistance.

Russia expelled from international football championships – FIFA

Russia was suspended from all FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice following the Russian invasion. The decision is likely to eliminate Russia from this year’s World Cup and Women’s Euro 2022 competition.

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