Pakistan’s ISI trying to fuel Hijab row through Khalistani outfit SFJ : Intel input warns

New Delhi – Amid the Hijab row in Karnataka, intel inputs have warned that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is trying to fuel the controversy in India through banned Khalistani outfit Sikhs for Justice (SJF).

The Intelligence Bureau has also warned Police forces and law enforcement agencies to keep a close watch on the ‘Hijab Referendum’ being pushed by the ISI through terror group SFJ.


Reference: India Today

The intel note said the SFJ has called upon Muslims in India to start a ‘Hijab Referendum’ movement to carve out ‘Urduistan’ in areas of Rajasthan, Delhi, UP, Bihar and West Bengal.

The note also flagged that the SFJ Chief in a video message addressed Indian Muslims and tried to provoke them. SFJ Counsel also assured Muslims of India that SFJ will organise and fund the referendum movement to create Urduistan.

Some screenshots and images of the online registration platform for the Hijab referendum have gone viral on social media platforms.